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Global partnership that respects sovereignty critical for dev’t: Envoy

Addis Ababa, September 24, 2022 (FBC) – Director General of International Organizations at the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Ayele Lire, said it’s critical to have a global partnership that respects sovereignty and national ownership, as well as a multilateral system that effectively works for the most vulnerable countries,

At UNGA77 in New York, a high-level meeting on least developed countries (LDCs) and landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) was held.

Participants discussed the unique challenges facing Least Developed Countries and LLDCs and the best way to strengthen partnerships and cooperation to address those challenges for the nations in these groups.

Director General Ayele Lire claims that his country made courageous decisions to open its financial market to foreign investment, which resulted in measurable GDP growth, an increase in export revenues, the creation of 3 million jobs in a year, and the mobilization of domestic resources to finance pro-poor programs.

According to Ayele, the Doha Programme of Action, which stressed the significance of renewed and strengthened global commitments with the aim of achieving rapid, sustainable, and inclusive recovery and resilience, provided an important blueprint for Least Developed Countries to overcome the effects of the global crises.

He said that LDCs, including Ethiopia, have enormous development potential to contribute to global growth, driven by committed leadership and energized by the youth population.

Ethiopia, like other least developed countries, is mindful of its internal challenges, including poverty, inflation, unemployment, and food and energy insecurity, he remarked,

In a video message, Secretary-General António Guterres advocated for “bold investments” in health, education, and social protection systems; financial architecture reform; job-creation, particularly in digital, care, and green economies; gender equality for girls and women; and support to end fossil fuel reliance and jump-start a renewable energy transition.

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