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Gorgora project binds Ethiopia’s past, current opportunities & future aspirations: PM Abiy

Addis Ababa, April 3, 2023 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated that the Gorgora project connects Ethiopia’s past history, today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s dreams.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed visited Gorgora, which is part of the “Gebeta Lehager” project.

He stated that the project will start providing services after three months.

“Yesterday is our history; today is an opportunity; and tomorrow is our dream,” said the Prime Minister, adding that Gorgora has bridged the three key issues.

He said that Gorgora was losing its magnificence and attraction due to the fact that it could not be preserved in the generations to date.

“Through the project, we have not only restored the historic place to its former glory, but also made it stand out”, PM Abiy noted.

He said that the work carried out on the Gorgora project showed the integration of generations.

“Gorgora project is a wonderful work that connects yesterday, today and tomorrow,” Prime Minister Abiy said, adding that Ethiopia is a place of beauty and prosperity.

Apart from being historic, the project has also successfully linked quality, quantity and technology.

“The Gorgora project is a manifestation that it is possible to build up and improve what is missing and what should be filled; it is where we have showed Ethiopia’s hopes, dreams and aspirations,” said the Prime Minister.

He also called upon Ethiopians to visit the Gorgora tourist site and motivate others visit it.

The Premier said that any visitor can learn the history of Ethiopia without any detail, know the facts of Ethiopia and understand the dream of the nation only by observing Gorgora.

PM Abiy also pointed out that Gorgora is a work that can be passed down from generation to generation.

He explained that the “Gebeta Lehager” project, including Gorgora, made the beauty of Ethiopia’s natural resources visible and highlighted.

“Dine for Generation” (Gebeta LeTewuld) project, which will be implemented next, will demonstrate Ethiopia’s past history, today’s opportunities and tomorrow’s aspirations, he underscored.

Prime Minister Abiy noted that Ethiopians should carry out work that will be passed on to generations by uncovering and using the multiple potential tourist resources.

“Developed countries might have reached the peak of development, their ideas are getting fading. Whereas, Ethiopia is not only growing and returning to its former glory, but also beyond that, it is coming to reform and renaissance,” he said.

The Prime Minister called upon the current crop of generation to realize this potential and contribute their best bit that will be passed on to the next generation.

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