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Green legacy Initiative underpins natural resource restoration, job creation efforts

Addis Ababa, May 27, 2024 (FBC) – The Government Communication Service (GCS), in a statement said that over the past years over 32 billion seedlings were planted under the first phase of the Green Legacy Initiative in all regions of Ethiopia.

Out of the total number of the tree seedlings, 90pct have survived, GCs stated, attributing the success to professionals’ relentless dedication in nurturing the saplings.

The Government Communication Service underscored the significance of consistent natural resources and biodiversity conservation activities in building climate resilient landscapes.

Areas frequently hit by droughts are witnessing rainfall, the nation has managed to reduce risk of recurring flooding and dried streams and lakes have returned following the national environmental protection activities, according to the statement.

The Green Legacy Initiative has significantly contributed to the efforts to create job opportunities for youths and women, it was learned.

Ethiopia is prepared to plant 6.3 billion seedlings that have been raised in 132,144 nursery sites across the nation this year and 25pct of them are said to be planted at areas in the Abbay River basin, according the Government Communication Service.



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