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Head of the TPLF Clique ringleaders Sebhat Nega arrested

Addis Ababa, January 8, 2020 (FBC) – Perpetrators including the head of ringleaders of the TPLF Clique, Sebhat Nega have been arrested today, the National Defence Force announced.

Sebhat Nega is the chief of the renegade group who was leading the strategy of instability occurred in the country over the last 27 seven years before the reform and orchestrated the atrocity the TPLF clique committed against the northern command of the national army and the war the renegade group waged against the country.

ENDF’s Deployment Department Head, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew told ENA has been captured in a hideout situated in a hostile strip difficult to trace.

“As we promised, the gallant and diligent National Defense Force in collaboration with other security institutions has made vast exploration of the desert, valleys and mountains of Tembein to discover the hideouts of the hiding TPLF Clique ringleaders.”, Brig.-Gen Tesfaye underscored.

The hideout of Sebhat has been discovered by a close raid undertaken jointly by the Federal Police and the National Defence Force army, Brig.-Gen Tesfaye stated.

Bodyguards who were escorting the TPLF Clique ringleaders including Sebhat Nega have been killed by the national army while defending to defend their bosses.

Totally, five culprits including the Head of the TPLF clique, Sebhat Nega has been captured.


  1. Sebhat Nega, the head and strategist of the TPLF Clique.
  2. Lt -Col Tseadu Rich – Wife of Sebhat Nega and a retired physician in Army Hospital.
  3.  Colonel Kinfe Tadesse who betrayed the National army
  4. Colonel Yemane Kahisay who also betrayed the National Army
  5. Asgede Gebrekiristos who joined the TPLF Clique from inland have been arrested today.                          Alganesh Meles who was wife of Maj-Gen Hayelom Araya and joined the TPLF Clique from US where she was living for many years das died falling down to groud from a top place while trying to escape the manhunt.
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