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HoA deserves, can bring sustainable peace, prosperity: MFA State Minister

Addis Ababa, April 20, 2024 (FBC) – The Horn of Africa deserves and can bring sustainable peace, prosperity and security to the region, Foreign Affairs State Minister Mesganu Arga said.

Opening the Second Horn Dialogue Series on Friday, the state minister said the dialogue series is an important platform to enhance cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders as the Horn of Africa stands at a critical juncture.

“Here we have the opportunity to engage in open and intellectual discussions, dissect the regional security landscape and propose concrete strategies for collaboration,” he added.

Mesganu stressed that the Horn of Africa deserves sustainable peace, prosperity and security, adding that the dialogue is a crucial step towards achieving that vision.

He believes that nations can address the root cause of conflict and foster sustainable peace by fostering greater collaboration between them.

“We can strengthen our collective effort to counter terrorism, piracy and illicit arms threat by implementing effective border management, and maritime security protocols. We can also create a safer and more stable environment for all.”

This region, which is a strategic gateway to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, holds immense significance for peace, stability, and prosperity.

However, “we cannot ignore the harsh reality of the Horn region burdened by complex security challenges, armed conflict, political instability, recurrent drought induced by climate change, piracy and proliferation of smaller arms and traffic,” he stressed.

The governments should, therefore, work together with unwavering commitment and a shared sense of purpose to build a brighter future for the Horn of Africa and in turn for the entire international community.

And this dialogue is a crucial step towards achieving that vision, the state minister noted.

Institute of Foreign Affairs Executive Director, Jafar Bedru, said on his part that the Horn of Africa has recently become a critical region due to a convergence of events and circumstances.

Thus, this round of dialogue series seeks to raise awareness and influence policy directions for navigating the region’s complexities, he said, adding that open regional dialogues is very crucial for addressing current challenges and envisioning a shared future for the Horn of Africa.

“By leveraging the collective strengths, resources and aspirations of its member countries, the region can achieve security, economic prosperity and social development. This requires fostering greater cooperation, collaboration and dialogue.”

The executive director underlined that this requires fostering greater cooperation, collaboration and dialogue.

According to him, the Horn Africa holds immense potential for regional integrity, integration and prosperity despite the challenges.

Panelists and participants discussed thematic issues, including changes and continuities in the regional security landscape, the role of external actors in regional security, building a stronger, integrated region for sustainable peace and opportunity, ENA reported. The aim of the Second Horn Dialogue Series held today in Addis Ababa is to foster knowledge sharing, idea exchange and exploration of innovative solutions for the region’s pressing security and political challenges.

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