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House appoints commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission

Addis Ababa, February 21, 2022 (FBC) – The House of Peoples Representatives, in its special session being held today, has appointed commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission with majority vote with only five abstainers.

The house has so far publicized lists of the candidates in order to garner commentaries from the general public for further screenings.

Based on the recommendations collected from the public, the house nominated eligible candidate commissioners and referred them to the parliament for appointment.


  1. Professor Mesfin Araya – Chairperson
  2. Hirut Gebreselassie – Deputy Chairperson
  3. Teggnework Getu
  4. Ambassador Ayrorit Mohammed (PhD)
  5. Bilen Gebremedihin
  6. Yonas Adaye
  7. Zegeye Asfaw
  8. Melaku Woldemariam
  9. Amhassador Mohammed Drir
  10. Mulugeta Ago
  11. Ambaye Ogato have been appointed by the house as commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission.

The dialogue is expected to create national consensus on basic national issues, bridge major disparities and ensure peace in the country.

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