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House approves agreement between Ethiopia, Russia on Peaceful Nuclear Energy use

Addis Ababa, December 3, 2020 (FBC) – In its 6th year 5th regular session, the House of Peoples Representatives has approved resolution on the agreement signed between Ethiopia and Russia on cooperation in the use of Nuclear Energy for peaceful purposes.

The House also approved a resolution referred to Legal, Justice and Democratic Affairs Standing Committee to regulate the relationship between regional states of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Federal government.

Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs and Peace Standing Committee of the House, Dr. Negeri Lencho said, while presenting the proclamation on the agreement between Ethiopia and Russia on peaceful use of Nuclear Energy, said the deal is crucial to knowledge and experience sharing between the two countries and ensure protection of intellectual properties.

The agreement enables Ethiopia to have alternative power source, build professional capacity, exchange best practices and upgrade knowledge and skills in the sector, Dr. Negeri said.

Dr. Negeri added that the agreement between Ethiopia and Russia will be implemented as per standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and will a paramount role in improving productivity in research study, intrustructure, industry, medicine and agriculture, among other sectors.


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