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Huawei teams up with Ethio telecom for green energy solutions

Addis Ababa, April 15, 2024 (FBC) – Chinese telecom company Huawei is partnering with its Ethiopian peers in building a greener and digital Ethiopia, the head of Huawei Ethiopia told Xinhua on Friday during the launch of a summit on green energy.

At the Ethiopia Green Energy Summit 2024, participants will discuss how Huawei could support Ethiopia in developing green energy and providing “sustainable power supply” to local banks, hospitals, schools and shopping malls by using high-tech electronic, storage, and information and communication technologies, CEO of Huawei Ethiopia Liu Jifan told Xinhua.

With the theme “Together for the Greener Ethiopia,” the summit has gathered industry and energy experts to discuss the promotion of sustainable energy development and data centers, and electric vehicles charging practices in the Eastern African country.

New green energy technology products will also be launched during the summit.

The mobile data centers built by Huawei have contributed a lot to efficient energy utilization in Ethiopia, Tariku Demissie, chief technology officer of Ethio-Telecom, the country’s telecom service provider, told Xinhua.

Ethio-Telecom is undertaking a transition in the use of renewable and green energy technology solutions to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, he said.

Out of the 8,400 mobile stations across Ethiopia, about 22 percent are found in off-grid areas and operated by solar energy, he said.

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