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Implementing Transitional Justice instrumental to realize lasting peace: HoPR Speaker

Addis Ababa, April 19, 2024 (FBC) – Implementing a participatory transitional justice policy is essential to realize lasting peace and for the better future of Ethiopia, Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives Tagesse Chaffo said.

Ethiopia has been making various attempts to resolve human rights violations, civil conflicts, unwarranted narratives and abuses that had occurred and continue in different eras with a wide range of victims and perpetrators.

However, these approaches have not yet brought about the desired lasting solution to the country as they were not implemented in a manner of universal transitional justice based on truth, reconciliation, mercy and justice and guided by a clear policy in an inclusive, human rights-oriented and flexible way.

In order to further strengthen these efforts, the Council of Ministers has approved Transitional Justice Policy this week.

A consultative meeting for parliamentarians and higher government officials on  the federal administrative procedure law and transitional justice policy is being underway in Addis Ababa.

Opening the consultative meeting, Speaker of the House noted that implementing transitional justice policy is essential for the better future of Ethiopia.

Designing and implementing a transitional justice which is participatory, and based on the nation’s political and social circumstances and managing it with clear policy framework is vital, he underscored.

Regarding the significance of the federal administrative procedure law, the speaker said that administrative procedure is the cornerstone of social justice.

Noting that the Ministry of Justice has huge role for the monitoring and coordinating the implementation of the policy and law documents, the speaker affirmed that the HPR will continue its unwavering support.

Minister of Justice Gedion Timothewos on his part stressed that implementing the transitional justice policy is critical for ensuring lasting peace and will be vital in the transition to building a better democratic system.

Higher government officials from various justice institutions and parliamentarians and pertinent stakeholders attended the consultative meeting, ENA reported.

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