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Invest Origins 2023 Ethiopia Global Investment Forum kicks off

Addis Ababa January 26, 2023 ( FBC) – Chaired by Land Bank and Development Corporation of Ethiopia (LBDC), Invest Origins (IO2023), a global investment forum sets to draw high-caliber, diverse investments into Ethiopia’s flourishing market kicks off today with various attendees from the public and private sectors.

IO2023 is two day event being held at the Ethiopian Science Museum in Addis Ababa, on January 26th and 27th with various business activities including panels, exhibitions and B2B sessions.

According to FDREs’ Land Bank and Development Corporation (LBDC) the forum is an international high-end quality investment attraction event organized to develop and attract potential investors into the country by providing a full investment opportunity in Ethiopia.

LBDC also disclosed that the forum creates a platform to hear stakeholders and investors discuss opportunities in Ethiopia there by exploring the huge untapped potential of the country which aims to attract FDI.

Speaking on the first day of the panels, Brook Taye , Director General of Ethiopian Capital Markets said that a well-developed and vibrant capital market promotes economic growth.

He added that capital market can also play a key role in efficiently allocating financial resources to areas where they are needed most, generating the highest return for firms, enabling risk sharing and facilitating the flow of finance to more risky but high-return projects.

“It will be instrumental that we dematerialize the paper format and convert to digital or electronic format” Brook Taye said.

Hikmet Abdela, Director General of Accounting and Audit Board of Ethiopia and Board Member of Ethiopia Capital Markets on her part said that a vibrant capital market allows the Government to finance fiscal deficits without resorting to financial repression or foreign borrowing.

She added that capital market supports monetary policy through an enhanced monetary transmission mechanism and promotes national savings, serving as alternative saving and financial investment vehicles for the public.

“As a country, we need to be focused on the quality of investments against quantity” Hikmet Abdela said.

IO2023 is an investment forum where the Ethiopia forges enduring business alliances to usher in a new era of global business order.

International partners including investors who are interested in Ethiopian market from Dubai, Bahrain, Tunisia, Sudan, and Kenya, among others, are in Addis Ababa to take part in the IO2023 Global Investment forum.

By: Yonathan Yoseph




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