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“It’s My Dam” created great sense of ownership, inspired Ethiopians: Chief GERD Negotiator

Addis Ababa, March 30, 2024 (FBC) – The motto “It’s My Dam” has created a great sense of ownership and inspired Ethiopians to provide unwavering support for the construction of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to USA and Chief GERD Negotiator Sileshi Bekele said.

The construction of the dam which commenced in 2011 is now near completion.

Ethiopia has repeatedly expressed its stand that the construction of the dam is based on cooperation, fair utilization of water resource, and good neighborhood.

Also, it has strong position that the tripartite negotiation with Egypt and Sudan on GERD should be based on mutual benefit, respect, and fairness.

The tripartite talks regarding the filling of GERD and related issues was held in January 2020 and concluded with no agreement.

During a press conference following the collapsed talks, the then Minister of Water and Energy and the current Ethiopian Ambassador to USA and Chief GERD Negotiator was asked about the management of the dam upon its completion.

A lady journalist from Middle East asked him, “Who is going to administer the dam upon completion?”, Sileshi recalls.

He proudly responded with the famous answer “It’s my dam. We Ethiopians will manage it.”

The chief negotiator affirmed that the motto #ItsMyDam has special place in the heart of all Ethiopians since that historic press conference.

The motto has played a pivotal role to mobilize the public by creating sense of ownership and motivation to support the dam, he elaborated.

#ItsMyDam, which was widely promoted by institutions, individuals, the mass media and social media, has created great inspiration among the general public.

The 13th year laying of the foundation of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be commemorated at the end of this month under the theme: “Together We Made It Possible.”

The theme “Together We Made It Possible” demonstrates that Ethiopians have reached the last phase of the construction of dam by working in unity and it is a gratitude and recognition of Ethiopians for their unwavering support and contribution for the dam, he further noted.

During the past years, over 19 billion Birr was raised for the construction of the dam through various fund raising mechanisms, ENA reported.

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