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Japan provides 37mln Birr assistance for refugee camps, host communities in Somali Region

Addis Ababa, May 15, 2024 (FBC) – On 14 November 2024, Good Neighbors organized the launching ceremony in Jijiga, Somali Region for the “Project on Promotion of Self-reliance of Aw-Barre and Sheder Refugee Camps and Host Community in Somali Region” funded by the Government of Japan through Good Neighbors, the Embassy of Japan in Addis Ababa disclosed in a press note sent to FBC.

Aw-Barre and Sheder Refugee Camps in Fafan Zone, Somali Region, Ethiopia have been accommodating a large number of Somali refugees for over 15 years. The majority of the Somali refugees do not have stable jobs and are mainly dependent on external aid. Furthermore, despite their prolonged stay in the camps, the living conditions of the refugees have not been improved, with 88% of the refugees still staying in emergency makeshift shelters made of simple wooden poles and plastic sheets making the refugees’ living conditions extremely vulnerable and weak, being exposed to dangers such as weathering, health and security issues and multiple other concerning risks.

According to the Japanese Embassy, this is a one-year project totaling approximately 100 million yen (37 million ETB) funded by the Government of Japan through Good Neighbors. And it will provide unemployed refugees and host populations with skills and opportunities to improve their livelihoods through capacity building on construction and livestock support to help make them economically independent. In addition, to address the problem of poor living conditions, the project will also support the transformation to improved brick-made shelters (transitional shelters) from the current emergency ones. In this way, the project aims to encourage Somali refugees to move away from aid dependency while improving their living environment, economic development and enhancing their dignity and self-reliant livelihoods; while also contributing to bridging the gap from humanitarian assistance to development (Humanitarian to Development Nexus).

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