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Minister stresses need for strengthening collaboration on water, energy accessibility

Addis Ababa, April 22, 2024 (FBC) – Bolstering collaboration among development partners and NGOs on water and energy accessibility is significant to prevent duplication of efforts in the sector, Minister of Water and Energy, Engineer Habtamu Itefa said.

A joint working group secretariat for the water and energy sector convened discussion today to assess the progress made and explore avenues for future cooperation.

Speaking at the occasion, Engineer Habtamu stated that we are here to share our experiences and discuss on how to enhance future actions strategically.

Over the past three years, we have achieved significant milestones in water supply, water resource management, and energy accessibility, he noted.

For this, the minister expressed gratitude to development partners for their support in this regard, acknowledging the efforts made towards modernization, ensuring water sustainability, and automation for effective planning.

According to him, the government is committed to further enhancing its collaboration with development partners and NGOs to ensure drinking water and energy needs of the citizens.
“I believe it’s time for strategic collaboration to prevent resource duplication and streamline activities. Today, our focus is to reflect on our collective experiences, assess progress, and chart a path forward,” he stated.

Achieving such goals requires a strategic approach and collaborative planning, he said, adding that ideally, regular evaluations on a quarterly or even more frequent basis, will allow us to identify both our shortcomings and our areas of efficiency.

Unless we strive to optimize our resources for specific purposes that address our needs, our efforts may yield minimal results or fail to meet our demands entirely, he said.

Water Aid Country Director, Yaekob Metena, emphasized the necessity of collaborative efforts between the government and development partners to improve Ethiopia’s utilization of resources in the water and energy sector.

He highlighted the importance of ongoing consultations among development partners engaged in the sector, enabling institutions to share experiences and foster a culture of information exchange.

Additionally, he noted that partner organizations will collaborate closely with the ministry to achieve the sector’s development objectives.

Country Director for IRC WASH, Lemessa Mekonta on his part stressed the importance of ensuring accessibility of clean water and energy to citizens through fostering collaboration among partner organizations.

Substantial resources are needed to translate efforts in the water and energy sector into tangible outcomes, he said, adding, to this effect, concerted efforts from the government or development partners are also sought, ENA reported.

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