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Ministry inaugurates Aquaculture Research Center to foster urban agriculture

Addis Ababa, August 14, 2020 (FBC) – Ministry of Innovation and Technology has inaugurated an Aquaculture Research Center aimed at promoting urban agricultural practices in cities and towns.

State Minister of Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Sisay Tolla exclusively told FBC that the research is vital to foster the integrated aquaculture system that enable urban dwellers to produce ample fish and vegetable at limited land resources in residential areas.

Byproducts from the aquaculture system will be used as food for fruit and vegetables so that the technology is integrated and environmentally friendly, the State Minister said.

The technology enables urban agriculture practitioners to save not only land resources but also time and labor, Sisay noted.

The aquaculture system is easily applicable in open public spaces reserved for communal purposes in condominium and related residential quarters, the State Minister added.

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