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Ministry, World Bank assess collaboration in enhancing agricultural sector

Addis Ababa, March 11, 2024 (FBC) – The Ministry of Agriculture and the World Bank engaged in deliberations on issues pertaining to support to Ethiopia’s food sovereignty endeavors and the transformation of agricultural system via various World Bank-backed projects and programs.

During the conversation between Minister of Agriculture Girma Amente and Floribert Ngaruko, the Executive Director of the World Bank Africa Group 1 Constituency, the Minister articulated that the Ethiopian Government is placing due emphasis on the agricultural sector and endeavoring to transform it. He thanked the World Bank for its support in the process of modernizing the agricultural sector.

The Minister also appealed for continued backing for the efforts of increasing the productivity of the sector and ensuring food security by transforming the traditional rainfed agricultural system into an irrigated system through the utilization of different water resources.

Executive Director Floribert Ngaruko, on his part, elucidated potential areas for collaboration, emphasizing the monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects aimed at modernizing agriculture and ensuring food security in Ethiopia.

It was noted that with financial backing from the World Bank, the Ministry of Agriculture is currently designing and implementing programs and projects within the agricultural sector, with a focus on societal engagement and benefit.

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