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MiNT striving to succeed in digital transformation drive

Addis Ababa, October 28, 2020 (FBC) – Innovation and Technology Ministry stated that it has been undertaking various preoperational activities in order to achieve goals of the national digital transformation strategy.

The National Digital Transformation Strategy has been approved by Council of Ministers and gone effective in line with realizing up to date service in all sectors.

State Minister of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Dr. Ahmedin Mohammed said the effectiveness of the strategy has a key significance in making the home grown economic transformation of the country successful.

Legal frameworks and guidelines are put in place in order to effectively implement the strategy so that the nation can achieve goals of the economic transformation drive, the state minister added.

Draft proclamations that will help innovators get financial support for their creative works is set up by the ministry, Ahmedin noted, adding that the draft law is expected to be approved in December 2020.

The digital transformation strategy has also a greater importance to modernize transaction of agricultural outputs, it is stated.

Coffee producers, using the digital transformation network, can access better market for their produces avoiding irrelevant chains of brokers, according to the ministry.

Efforts will be exerted to incorporate the digital transformations concepts in to the educational curriculum to uplift knowledge of electronic transaction and other digital undertakings among the community, the ministry underlined.

Activities are also underway to build cyber security capacity in order to protect the digital network from cyberattacks and related potential harms, he said.

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