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MoLS, Heifer Int’l sign MoU to support over 1,000,000 citizens

Addis Ababa, October 30, 2023 (FBC) – The Ministry of Labor and Skills of Ethiopia (MoLS) has signed a partnership agreement with Heifer International, a non-governmental organization, to benefit over 1 million women and youth.

During the signing ceremony, Minister of Labor & Skills of Ethiopia, Ms. Muferihat Kamil, asserted that the agreement will ensure economic benefits by increasing the capacity of women and youth through value chain-based skills training in the agriculture sector.

The Minister underscored that through value chain-based skills training, entrepreneurship-based job opportunities and livelihood improvement programs, more than one million women and youth will benefit from the partnership agreement.

“The agreement aims to increase the capacity of farmers and youth through value chain-based agricultural training and ensure their economic benefits,” she said.

It is indicated that the MoU will benefit more than one million women and youth in poultry farming, milk and milk products, and fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Muferihat also extended her gratitude to Adesua Efedi, Vice President of Heifer International Africa for the emphasis she placed to the work, her willingness to work together and her leadership for the success of the work, as well as her determination to ensure the benefit of women and youth in Ethiopia by enhancing their skills.

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