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More than 350 industries put into operation following ‘Made In Ethiopia’ movement: Office

Addis Ababa, August 17, 2023 (FBC) – ‘Made In Ethiopia’ National Movement Project Office state that the initiative has enabled the government to put more than 350 industries into operation.

The Project Office Head, Asfaw Abebe, said that the movement helped increase production capacity of manufacturing industries to 85pect by promoting import substitution.

Import goods worth of 2 billion USD have been produced domestically supporting the efforts underway to reinforce the economy through enhanced import substitution, he said.

The demand for domestically manufactured products is increasing in the country following the activities carried out to promote the replacement with help of the campaign, he added.

Cluster Committee tasked to address the bottlenecks manufacturing industries are facing has been set up, Asfaw said, adding that the sector is expected to generate more than 5 million new jobs under nation’s 10 year perspective plan.

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