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More top TPLF leaders captured

Addis Ababa, January 10, 2021 (FBC) – The National Defence Force has captured seven more top leaders of the terrorist TPLF Junta.

Head of Defence Force Deployment Department, Birg.Gen. Tesfaye Aylew, said actions were also taken against military officers who defected to the junta.

The defence force accused them of exposing the army for attacks with a view to dismantling the country.

According to Birg.Gen. Tesfaye , the following top leaders of the junta were arrested:

1. Abay Woldu -Former President of Tigray regional state

2. Dr Abrham Tekeste- Former Deputy President of Tigray

3. Dr Redai Berhe- Former Head of Tigray Auditor General Office

4. Dr Mulugeta Yirga- Former Head of Tigray Statistics Agency

5. Equbay Berhe- Former Religious Affairs Monitoring Head

6. Getachew Teferi- Former Head of Tigray President Office as well as Head of Peace and Security

7.Kiros Hagos- Former Head of Tigray Social Affairs Bureau

Birg.Gen. Tesfaye further said actions were taken against the following officers:

1. Maj. Gen Ibrahim Abduljelil- Former Head of Logistics of the defence force and also head of logistics of the junta
2. Birg. Gen Gebrekidan Gebremariam- Former Head of indoctrination of the Defense Force who joined the junta after retirement
3.Ten senior officers
4. Two line officers
5. One Deputy Commissioner of the regional state

Birg.Gen. Tesfaye added that more members of the TPLF group were captured in the operation.

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