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Nation Regaining Greenery through Green Legacy Initiative: AFLEX Academy Chief

Addis Ababa, July 17, 2023 (FBC) – Ethiopia is regaining its forest coverage and greenery through the continuing initiative of Green Legacy, African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX) Chief Mehret Debebe said.

As part of the national campaign to plant 500 million trees in one day, staff of the academy have planted 1000 indigenous tree seedlings today.

The academy chief told ENA that the initiative has multifaceted benefits not only to Ethiopia but also to the continent and the entire world, in terms of environmental protection.

According to him, this year’s target of planting 500 million seedlings will initiate the attitude of believing it can be done.

Ethiopia is setting the bar for other African countries, Mehret said, adding that it will also set the example for the upcoming generation.

“We are planting indigenous trees in millions, but they were waiting like seeds… So, the seed is waiting for people to come and put it in the soil and take it to the right place as a seedling and plant it. Then it will return our investment by being a shed, fruit and changing our climate,” he elaborated.

Furthermore, the chief pointed out that this has to continue in order to see the desired change.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative over the last four years has mobilized 25 million Ethiopians across the nation to plant 25 billion seedlings, equivalent to 250 seedlings per head.

Many believe that it is the most extensive afforestation and reforestation program next to the Amazon.




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