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National Defense Force, Amhara security forces liberate Sekota town from TPLF occupation

Addis Ababa, Decembe 22, 2021 (FBC) – Joint forces of Ethiopia including the National Defense Force and the Amhara Seurity have liberated Sekota town from invasion of the terrorist TPLF invasion.

Militia of the Wag Hemra Zone whose most areas have been cleared of occupation of the terrorist group have shown strong gallantry fighting alongside the Ethiopian security forces, said Government Communications Service.

The National Army and Sercurity Forces of Amhara Region are clearing remnants of the terrorist group from other parts of the Wag Hemra Zone, and advancing to Abergelle destroying soldiers of the terrorist group.

Nationa army jointly with the Amhara Security forces are wiping out the terrorist group fighters from Muja and Timuga towns in Kobo front, and advancing to Alamata town. On the other hand, National Army and the Amhara security forces have controlled Tekulesh where they routed out forces of Junta, and marching to Merewa and Korem towns.

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