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National Dialogue at Final Chapter of Agenda Gathering: Commissioner

Addis Ababa, May 28, 2024 (FBC) – The Ethiopian National Dialogue has now reached the final chapter, with agenda gathering event, set to start in Addis Ababa, on 29 May, 2024, Commissioner Mohamoud Dirir told ENA.

The commissioner said Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission is nearing a key stage, with the plan to hold an agenda-setting process in Addis Ababa this week.

According to him, activities are underway in the Amhara and Tigray regional states to conduct the dialogue processes.

The process of holding an inclusive and credible national dialogue in Ethiopia is reaching a critical stage with an agenda gathering event to  be held in the capital city.

“Ethiopia is gearing up for a national dialogue, which has now reached a big chapter: agenda gathering.” he said.

“We are soon entering the agenda gathering process in Addis Ababa, not just the capital of Ethiopia but also the headquarters of African Union, and a distinguished diplomatic center globally,” Mohamoud added. The agenda gathering event in Addis Ababa will last for a week.

According to him, this choice reflects the city’s diverse population, its status as a key African political and diplomatic center, and its designation as the world’s third diplomatic center.

Following the Addis Ababa dialogue sessions, agenda gathering will be rolled out across the remaining parts of the country.

He reiterated the commission’s call for armed groups to engage peacefully in the dialogue processes.

“We continue to urge those who have taken up arms to join this process peacefully. This call will persist,” he affirmed.

Mohamoud Dirir expressed optimism that the inclusive and credible approach will attract greater international support.

“External support is increasing compared to the past. We recently received vehicles from Japan, and the European Union has also been providing support,” he said.

Others may follow suit seeing that the dialogue processes is inclusive,  he added.

However, he underscored that the most important aspect is that Ethiopians themselves are reaching a stage where we can solve our problems through a participatory, credible, and inclusive dialogue that excludes no actor but welcomes all ideas, even those that may differ from or oppose the government.


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