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Nat’l Defense Force Dismisses Grossly Manipulated Video as Complete Fabrication

Addis Ababa, April 8, 2021 (FBC) – The recent released video which shows atrocities on innocent civilians in Tigray is a complete fabrication and drama orchestrated by agents of the TPLF junta, according to the Ethiopian National Defense Force.

Briefing the media today, National Defense Force Indoctrination Director-General Major General Mohammed Tesema said the video was released by agents of the junta with the intension of confusing the general public.

According to him, the extremist TPLF group was destroyed once and for all by the law enforcement operation.

However, some of the remnants of the junta are now acting as bandits by hiding in forests and robbing as well as killing innocent people in some parts of the region, he revealed.

“They have intensified killings of civilians in Tigray. The killings of people they belong to continue. The network is already carrying out acts of violence against the people in all parts of the country.”

According to ENA, remnants of the junta have also been doctoring killings carried out by the junta as if committed by the National Defense Forces and disseminate the manipulated videos.

“For the sake of political consumption these forces massacred their own people. This dead organization has done a very bad job of sabotage against the people by filming the persons they massacred and disseminated them through the international media to get the government condemned worldwide.”

“They collected by assembling acts by three different actors at different places to finally doctor the drama through which they created outcry manipulating the world media as if the defense force had massacred TPLF militants.”

The grossly manipulated video which was released recently has clearly shown the continuous drama cooked by the agents of the junta, its own allies as if it was committed by the Ethiopian national defense forces, Major General Mohammed stated.

The director-general noted that the defense force is a well disciplined army with popular base and cannot therefore commit deeds that harm the people.

Remnants the extremist junta have also been trying hard to recruit young people by claiming that they have gained acceptance by some foreign powers, he said, adding that the ploy has nonetheless failed.

Major General Mohammed noted that the extremist group which has lost acceptance by the people is now trying to survive by hiding in caves and robbing and killing the people because it does not have access to logistics and other basic supplies.


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