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Norway pledges continued support for Ethiopia’s green dev’t efforts

Addis Ababa, May 19, 2024 (FBC) – Norway has announced that it will continue its assistance for the government of Ethiopia’s efforts to fight climate change through green development.

Mari Martinsen, adviser of Climate, Environment and Forest at the Norwegian Embassy stated that Ethiopia and Norway have maintained a robust relationship in the battle against the effects of climate change, ever since the launch of Climate Resilient Green Economy Strategy in Durban in 2011.

The government of Norway has also been providing supports to civic society organizations and research institutions that are engaged in the protection of climate change and biodiversity in Ethiopia the adviser noted.

The adviser has also commended the efforts being carried out in the protection of biodiversity citing the Green Legacy Initiative.

According to her, the Green Legacy Initiative demonstrates the commitment of Ethiopian government to ensuring green development.

“Green Legacy demonstrates the commitment of Ethiopian government towards green development manifesting the importance of forestry sector as trees are important instruments in helping to tackle the impacts of climate change.”

Since climate change poses a threat to biodiversity and future generation’s wellbeing, it must receive adequate support from all corners, the adviser underlined.

The adviser also stated that Norway’s climate and environment minister made a commitment to fortify its cooperation with the Ethiopian government on climate-related matters until 2030.

“As per this partnership agreement the government of Norway will continue providing support to Ethiopia’s efforts to mitigate impacts of climate change, forestry development, and food security,” she stated.

ENA’s report recalled that the agreement will also allow Ethiopia to tap the financial market of carbon credit and other resources.

She affirmed that Norway’s government will continue to assist the development of forests in Ethiopia, pointing out that two of the 36 areas with notable successes in biodiversity protection worldwide are in Ethiopia.

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