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NRC, CSOs Council ink agreement to work together

Addis Ababa, October 13, 2023 (FBC) – The National Rehabilitation Commission (NRC) and the Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOC) have agreed to work together on various areas.

The NRC and ECSOC have today signed a memorandum of understanding ((MoU), recognizing that the collaboration will play a major role in establishing a cooperative relationship for effective rehabilitation and reintegration of ensure lasting peace.

The agreement underscores the significant role civil society organizations can play in the process of demobilizing, rehabilitating and reintegrating ex-combatants as they bring an end to their involvement in armed forces and returning to civilian life rejoining the society.

Accordingly, the two sides will work in collaboration in the areas of awareness-raising activities, capacity building, information exchange, research and knowledge sharing, resource mobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration, as called by ENA.

They are also expected to collaborate in other related issues that align with the effort of demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration (DRR) of ex-combatants to join the society and lead a sustainable peaceful life.

Some of the objectives of the MoU include NRC and ECSOC’s collaborative efforts in sensitization and awareness creation on DRR and sustainable peace, capacity building on DRR and peace building to NRC’s Head office and branch offices staffs, and relevant stakeholders, undertaking advocacy works regarding issues such as gender sensitive DRR, diversity and inclusion among others.

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