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Number of  Tigray special force, militia members surrender amid 72hrs ultimatum: Emergency Fact Check

Addis Ababa, November 24, 2020 (FBC) – Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check stated that a large number of members of Tigra special force and militia are surrendering to government forces in various fronts amid 72 hours ultimatum.

The emergency fact check disclosed that a number of TPLF forces are giving in to the National Defence Force via border with Afar.

It is also stated that members of Tigray Special Force and Militia who were intercepted at Mai-Tsebri are peacefully surrendering to the National Army.

Government expresses gratitude to those who are surrendering for their consideration to the people, the Fact Check indicates.

The government has also urged those who cannot surrender due to the TPLF Junta to disarm themselves, refrain from being hostage of the renegade group and wait until the National Defence until the National Defence Army reach out to them, according to the Emergency Fact Check.


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