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Officials say offensive against militants of Shene terror group successful

Addis Ababa, January 29, 2023 (FBC) – Security officials leading the operation said the ongoing offensive against the Shane terror group has become successful as expected.

The leaders stated that security forces are taking measures against members of the terror group in Guji and Borena Zones of Oromia region and areas neighboring Somali Region.

Army members who are leading the operation have held discussions with members of in Liben Woreda of East Guji Zone, an area recently liberated from the terrorist organization militants.

Currently, several parts including Liben Woreda have been freed from militants of the terrorist organization, it is indicated on the discussion.

During the discussion, the leaders said the government is undertaking restoration and rebuilding activities in the liberated areas and reinstating displaced people to their residences.

The leaders added that Shene exploited the situation in the northern parts of the country to launch its terrorist activity and attack innocent civilians in various parts of the region.

Chief Administrator of Guji Zone, Tadele Udo, said Shane has committed dreadful crimes on innocent people, adding that security forces are paying sacrifices to wipe out the militants and ensure lasting peace and stability in the area.

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