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Oromia region introduces women – led green legacy initiative

Addis Ababa, June 19, 2020 (FBC) – Oromia Regional state has announced women – led green legacy initiative at Bishoftu town today.

Senior government officials including the attorney General, Adanech Abebe have attended the launch of the green legacy initiative to be run by only women across the region.

In her opening remarks at the event, Adanech stressed the role of planting trees in addressing social burden and realizing economic welfare of women in the community.

The women can generate income out of trees being planted like Avocado and Mango calling the community to join hands for the successfulness of the green campaign already started in the country.

Head of Oromia Region Women Children and Youth Affair Burea, Muna Ahmed,  to her part, said 40 percent of 3.5 Billion seedlings ready for the campaign in the region are expected to be planted by women.

Bishoftu town is set to plant 2 million trees in this rainy season; it is stated on the occasion.

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