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Over 144,000 citizens benefited from overseas employment in 5 months: MoLS

Addis Ababa, January 4, 2024 (FBC) – Over 144,000 Ethiopians have benefited from overseas employment in the last five months of the current Ethiopian financial year, according to the Ministry of Labor and Skills (MoLS).

This figure was disclosed during an awareness raising workshop organized by the Ministry in collaboration with the FDRE Government Communication Service which was attended by representatives from media outlets.

With the presence of numerous media representatives, the gathering served as a conduit for the ministries and media institutions to engage in an information exchange regarding the endeavors of the Ministry of Labor and Skills and the media’s role therein.

On this occasion, Labor and Skills Minister, Ms. Muferiat Kamil, expounded upon the ministry’s pursuits and forthcoming strategies, emphasizing the indispensable role that the media could assume in the sector. She underscored the ongoing initiatives of institutional reform, skills development, and job creation aligning seamlessly with domestic and regional plans.

The Minister disclosed that over 144,000 overseas employment opportunities were generated in the preceding Ethiopian Fiscal Year. She added that concerted efforts are underway to expand and diversify the spectrum of destinations.

To address the existing service gap and acknowledge the crucial importance of accessibility, she expressed her intention to establish 2,200 comprehensive service centers throughout the districts in the country. To bridge the service gap and recognizing the vital role of accessibility, she indicated about the establishment of 2,200 one-window service centers across districts in the country.

However, she also recognized the necessity for expanded outreach, as the utilization of these centers by only 500,000 individuals in the past five months falls significantly short of the targeted 20 million.

For his part, Mr. Kebede Desisa, the State Minister of the Government Communication Service, acknowledged the ministry’s proactive approach in collaborating with the media and its dedication to disseminating information to media outlets.

He emphasized that the task of job creation is not solely the responsibility of the Ministry of Labor and Skills, but a national imperative that necessitates the collective endeavor of all institutions, including media organizations.

The State Minister underlined the pivotal role that the media plays in fostering awareness, facilitating comprehension, and ultimately contributing to Ethiopia’s journey of development. In this context, Mr. Kebede highlighted the significance of the reforms being implemented by the Ministry of Labor and Skills, as they are instrumental in addressing significant socio-economic challenges and sources of instabilities.

He further emphasized that media institutions have a crucial role to play in fostering awareness and fulfilling their responsibility to contribute to the country’s development. Kebede stressed the importance of this collaborative endeavor, which signifies a renewed commitment to transparency and media inclusivity within the Ministry of Labor and Skills. This concerted effort aims to create a more informed and engaged public, thereby contributing to Ethiopia’s goals of job creation and economic growth.

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