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PM Abiy Ahmed extends greetings on the occasion of Irreechaa festival

Addis Ababa, September 30, 2022 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended greetings to all Ethiopian on the occasion of the Irreechaa Festival, a thanksgiving festival among the Oromo people.

In his message, the Prime Minister said that Irreechaa is a thanksgiving festival practiced by all irrespective of age race, gender, age and religion.

The Irreechaa festival has helped Ethiopia to attract international tourists not only from parts of the nation but all across the world, the Premier said.

Currently, Irreechaa has become a national festival being celebrated all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia, he said.

“We Ethiopians are endowed with cultural and religious festivals, traditions and values that build on harmonious co-existence and unity. Irreechaa fosters listening and understanding one another and promotes peace and love,” he said.

The Premier further urged Ethiopians to praise God for enabling them to overcome both manmade and natural challenges posed by enemies of the nation and welcome the brighter spring season.

The Oromo people along with other nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia will be celebrating Irreecha, the annual thanksgiving festival, at Hora Finfinee, Addis Ababa and Hora Harsede, Bishoftu on October 1 and 2 respectively.


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