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PM Abiy applauds progress of ‘Generation Medemer’-funded Sof Omar tourism project

Addis Ababa, May 21, 2024 (FBC) – During a visit to the Bale zone of the Oromia region earlier today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has commended the strong project management and promising progress of the Sof Omar tourism development project.

The Sof Omar project is being funded through proceeds from the sales of the Prime Minister’s book, “Generation Medemer,” which was launched last year with the intention of dedicating the revenue towards developing tourist destinations throughout Ethiopia.

“When we launched the ‘Generation Medemer’ book, we committed the proceeds to enhancing the tourism potential of the Sof Omar region,” PM Abiy stated in a social media post following his site visit. “Today, we are pleased to witness the remarkable progress that has been achieved thus far.”

The Prime Minister emphasized that Bale, with its rich history and natural endowments, is a high-potential area. “Its attractive landscapes, coupled with infrastructure development and improved connectivity, can catalyze further growth. Nearby Dinsho Park adds to the area’s appeal,” he noted.

The Prime Minister added, “The inspiring start of the Sof Omar project underscores the importance of strong project management. This progress is already boosting employment and will accelerate living standards in the community.”

The Prime Minister’s on-site inspection of the project’s development underscores the commitment to leveraging the country’s natural and cultural assets to drive sustainable tourism growth. The Sof Omar area, known for its extensive cave system and rich cultural heritage, is poised to become a major draw for both domestic and international visitors under the current project.

By commending the strong project management, PM Abiy has signaled his satisfaction with the efficient and effective implementation of the Sof Omar initiative, which is expected to provide a significant boost to the local economy and promote Ethiopia’s burgeoning tourism sector.

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