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PM Abiy emphasizes importance of supporting local manufacturers in #MadeInEthiopia movement

Addis Ababa, Amy 9, 2024 (FBC) – Today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated the 2024 “Made In Ethiopia” expo, a platform showcasing locally produced goods and fostering sustainable market connections.

In his opening remarks Prime Minister Abiy stressed the significance of maintaining the accomplishments of the “Made In Ethiopia” movement through the support of local producers and the utilization of domestic products. He also emphasized the importance of embracing domestic products as a cultural norm.

“We must uphold the achievements of the “Made In Ethiopia” movement by championing local producers and utilizing domestic products,” the Premier emphasized.

PM Abiy also underlined that manufacturing industries should harness Ethiopia’s vast resources, energy, markets, and human capital to maximize outcomes and drive sustainable growth.

After opening the Expo, the Prime Minister toured the products showcased by various industries at the exhibition center.

The Expo is sad to be a movement towards sustainable economic growth and industrial competitiveness.

The 2024 Ethiopia Tamrt Expo (“Made In Ethiopia” 2024 Expo), as announced by the Ministry of Industry, is set to take place from May 9th to 13th.

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