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PM Congratulates Ethiopians On 82th Anniversary Of Patriots’ Victory Day

Addis Ababa, May 5, 2023 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed congratulated Ethiopians on the occasion of the 82th anniversary of patriots’ victory day which is being celebrated today.

In a statement issued, Prime Minister Abiy has extended his congratulatory message to Ethiopians over the Anniversary of Patriots Victory Day by saying that the day commemorates the victory; not independency of Ethiopian patriots over the fascist Italian forces.

In his statement the Premier said: “Patriotism a sacrifice paid to wellbeing of a nation, truth and faith. Our forefathers and mothers sacrificed their irreplaceable lives to safeguard freedom and sovereignty of the nation. We honor our patriots for their bold sacrifice as we have a victory day not an independence day,”

“We are learning three things from our patriots while commemorating the day- putting the country first, discharging responsibilities and maintaining unity,” he said.

The Prime Minister further called upon the generation to follow examples of the patriots in contributing their share for the economic freedom of the nation and prosperity of the country in a spirit of a contemporary patriotism.

In his statement, the Prime Minister called upon Ethiopians to join hands to reverse efforts of internal and external enemies of the country.

He also called upon the general public at large to preserve the spirit of the victory of the patriots against the Italian Fascist and stand united to defend national interests by saying no to divisions, corruption and old practices.

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