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Police announces highways, roads to be closed in the Capital for Saturday’s public rally

Addis Ababa, October 21, 2022 (FBC) – The Addis Ababa Police has announced the highways and roads to be closed on Saturday 22 October for the public rally scheduled to be staged at Mesqel Square, Addis Ababa.

On October 20 organizers have confirmed a nationwide public rally will be held in various cities of the country, on October 22 and 23, themed “We speak out for Ethiopia”.

The public rally is expected to show support to the defensive measures of the government to maintain the territorial integrity of Ethiopia and to condemn the politically motivated interference of some Western powers and international organizations.

The Addis Ababa Police confirmed that the Federal Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force has made the necessary preparations for the rally to be held successfully at Mesqel Square on Saturday 22 October 2022.

Hence, Addis Ababa Police has announced certain roads will be closed for vehicles in order to avoid traffic jams from start to end of the rally.

Accordingly, the Megenagna-Mesqel Square and the Edna Mall-Atlas-Kazanchis highways will be closed at Urael roundabout.

Police stated that the Gotera-Mesqel Square highway will also be closed at Arategna Kifle Tor area. The Gofa-new road-Legehar route will be closed at the intersection of Kirkos Church.

Bulgaria-Mexico Square-Legehar road will be closed at Legehar. The SarBet-Mexico Square and Tor Hayloch-Lideta High Court-Legehar highway will be closed at Mexico Square.

The Tekle Haimanot-Gomma Kuteba-Legehar road will also be closed at Sengatera 40/60 Condominium area. The Geja Sefer-5th Police Station road will be closed at Gomma Kuteba area. Meanwhile, the Merkato-Tekle Haimanot-Tikur Anbesa Hospital road will be closed at Meteorology gate.

Ras Theater-Golla Mickael inner route will be closed at Golla Mickael intersection.

Tekle Haimanot-Tikur Anbessa Hospital-Immigration road will be closed at Tikur Anbessa Hospital, near Shell area.

The highway of Piazza-Churchill Road-Legehar will be closed at Tewodros Square, whereas the Old Abattoir-Fil Wuha road will also be closed at Trade Printing area.

Moreover, the route from Kazanchis to Hilton Hotel will be closed at Kazanchis Total area. Aware-Kazanchis-Fil Wuha road will be closed at Fil Wuha area.

Addis Ababa Police has confirmed that all these highways and roads will be closed for vehicles starting from 5:00 AM at night. Hence, drivers are advised to use alternative routes.

Police also strongly reminds that parking vehicles for short or long hours on the aforementioned highways and roads starting from Friday night until the rally concludes is not allowed.

Finally, Police has also announced contact telephone lines to the public: 01-11-11-01-11, 01-11-26-43-59 and 01-11-01-02-97 or the toll-free 991 & 816 lines to contact the police or to provide suspicious information, if they encounter any.

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