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PP, TPLF 3rd round party-to-party political dialogue held in Mekele

Addis Ababa, May 15, 2024 (FBC) – The third round of political dialogue between the current ruling party of Ethiopia, Prosperity Party, and the TPLF took place in Mekele city, FBC sources confirmed today.

By revisiting the communication principles agreed upon earlier, both parties identified key agendas and discussed them.

Following the consultation, they reached a consensus.

Initially, they focused on ensuring lasting peace and agreed to collaborate towards achieving sustainable peace through in-depth discussions.

Furthermore, after engaging in a thorough discussion about the recent events in the Raya area, they reached a consensus that the incident should not have occurred and goes against the ongoing efforts to establish lasting peace in the country.

Both sides have pleadged to fulfill their political responsibilities and work resolutely to resolve any issues through peaceful means and dialogue. They also agreed that communication efforts should support the peace process and avoid making remarks or sharing content that could provoke conflict.

They also agreed to collaborate in order to prevent any emerging conflicting trends and promptly address them if they arise.

Both parties further committed to fulfilling their duties to establish a conducive political atmosphere for the successful implementation of the efforts aimed at realizing the Pretoria Peace Agreement.

The third round of consultations concluded with an agreement to address additional agenda items in their upcoming meetings.

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