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PM Abiy pledges to achieve economic freedom for Ethiopia, set an example for Africa

Addis Ababa, April 20, 2024 (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has pledged to position Ethiopia as a paragon of Africa’s burgeoning economy, unity, and prosperity by liberating the nation from economic reliance.

The Prime Minister delivered this statement while addressing a public rally staged today in Wolkite town to show support for the national reforms accomplished over the past six years under his leadership.

At the event, the premier praised the people of Gurage zone for their endeavors in promoting unity and solidarity, emphasizing it as a tangible model for all Ethiopians to follow in order to live together harmoniously.

Emphasizing the imperative of achieving development and prosperity in Ethiopia, the premier urged the nation’s people to pursue peace and harmony as essential components for realizing a prosperous and cohesive Ethiopia.

The prime minister also recognized Ethiopia’s diversity in ethnicity, language, environment, and topography, asserting that these differences should not hinder the building of a robust nation-state. Furthermore, PM Abiy underscored Ethiopia’s history of defending its independence and its resilience in thwarting external aggressions.

Nevertheless, the country has yet to achieve economic development and freedom. Therefore, the East African nation must endeavor to liberate itself from economic dependence, he stated. In this context, Prime Minister Abiy cited the accomplishments of the Gurage people as a model for business and trade activities in Ethiopia.

According to him, the active involvement of the Gurage people in the business sector serves as a model and will contribute to the nation’s efforts to liberate Ethiopia from economic dependence. He also urged all Ethiopians to advocate for development and prosperity.

The prime minister emphasized that the nation has embarked on an extensive economic development path to position Ethiopia as a symbol of prosperity in Africa.

He called on all Ethiopians to unite and fulfill their national duties, ENA’s report mentioned. The prime minister emphasized that in order to achieve a prosperous Ethiopia through concerted efforts, it is essential to strengthen national unity and overcome divisive forces seeking to sow discord and conflict within the country.

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