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President Sahle-Work participating in Women Political Leaders Summit in Athens

Addis Ababa, March 20, 2024 (FBC) – President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Sahle-Work Zewde is attending the Women Political Leaders Summit which is taking place in Athens, Greece from 19-21 March.

In her keynote speech at the Summit, President Sahle-Work Zewde called on women leaders to make the issue of gender equality part of their daily conversation. “Complete actions are needed, but by at least talking about it and really acting,” she emphasized.

“Women should be leading the change. We should change the nature of power and not power changing the nature of women,” the President remarked.

Regarding Africa, the President said leaders have the goals for the betterment of the continent based on the agenda 2063, calling for more efforts to address the challenges that have direct impacts on women such as unconditional change of government and related issues.

“We need to go to the core of the issue to see the root causes for the problems facing women and address it instead of cosmetic changes or measures,”

“Africa is a continent of the future. Africa is a young continent where the medium age is 19, and a rich continent, but also the poorest of the poor, we have to do something for it to change,” she noted.

“Similar to those in Europe or somewhere in the world, women in Africa have to be empowered to ensure that that we are all in this together,” the President underscored.

“Currently, there are only a few women on senior leadership level. We need to have more women in power,” the President remarked.

The President called for collaboration and cooperation among all stakeholders to address the challenges women are facing currently in all parts of the world.

“Different attacks and harassments against women are increasing by the day. We have to exert efforts to ensure that any form of violence against women is addressed,” President Sahle-Work noted.

President Sahle-Work mentioned the adoption of the draft convention on “Ending Violence against Women and Girls” at the AU Summit which was held last month in Addis Ababa as promising step in addressing the problems facing women in the continent.

“And hopefully, it will be signed next February when the leaders meet at this event,” she added.


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