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Provision of drinking clean water access to DPs resumes in Tigray region: Ministry

Addis Ababa, November 26, 2022 (FBC) – The Ministry of Water and Energy-Ethiopia (MoWE) stated that activities for provision of clean drinking water access to citizens camps in Tigray region has continued.

It was also stated that water treatment stations in the region have resumed services following the completion of maintenance works.

Following the peace agreement reached between the Federal government and TPLF, unfettered humanitarian aid is being provided in most parts of the Tigray region.

It is to be recalled that the Ethiopian government has opened humanitarian supplies transportation corridors for humanitarian organizations that provide food and non-food items including medicine and medical equipment in Tigray region.

In addition, the Ministry of Water and Energy has announced that the work of making clean drinking water accessible to citizens who have been displaced from their villages due to the conflict in the region has been strengthened.

The head of the emergency drinking water and special support desk of the ministry, Mr. Aschalew Tesfaye, said that maintenance work has been carried out to provide a water filter service that can release 48 liters of purified water per second in Shire city.

The Ministry also indicated that more deep water wells have been prepared to alleviate shortage of water in the shelters located in the areas from Shiraro to Adwa.

MoWE also mentioned that the work of providing water at shelters is being undertaken in coordination with aid partners.

The Ministry’s statement further indicated that it was possible to solve the shortage of water in the shelters.

It also stated that a short, medium and long-term plan is being developed to improve the supply of clean drinking water in the Tigray region.

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