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Recent invigorative activities in tourism propel private sector – MoPD Minister

Addis Ababa, December 25, 2023 (FBC) – The Minister of Planning and Development, Fitsum Aseffa, has acknowledged that recent activities undertaken in the tourism sector are impelling the private sector.

Reflecting her verdict on the recently inaugurated Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge, Fistum Aseffa further emphasized that Ethiopia, despite being blessed with a multitude of tourism resources and potentials, has not fully capitalized on the sector’s benefits in proportion to its available resources. In contrast, numerous countries with fewer tourism resources are reaping greater rewards by astutely harnessing their available resources.

In that regard, the tourism sector has been identified as one of the five development pillars under Ethiopia’s homegrown economic reform with a view to fill these gaps in the sector, the Minister reminded.

This reform in the sector is designed to ensure the benefit of the public, Fitsum added.

According to her, the Chebera Churchura area is endowed with huge tourism potential before the development of Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge, however, tourists could not visit the area due to lack of infrastructure.

The recently inaugurated world-class lodge and its infrastructure can be an awakening factor to the tourism sector in this area, the Minister asserted.

The Chebera Elephant Paw Lodge contributes to the country’s economy by creating job opportunities and attracts both foreign and local visitors. It also creates new perspectives and stimulates other businesses, Fitsum indicated.

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