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REDD+ Program achievements in Ethiopia’s forest dev’t highlighted at COP28

Addis Ababa, December 10, 2023 (FBC) – The Ethiopian Forestry Development (EFD) hosted side event at COP28 showcasing the accomplishments of the REDD+ program in Ethiopia’s forest development sector.

The event attracted a diverse audience eager to learn about the program’s positive impact on the country’s environment and economy.

The event featured insightful presentations covering key areas of the REDD+ program, including: REDD+ preparedness and implementation program, according to ENA.

This presentation highlighted the program’s framework and its progress in reducing deforestation and forest degradation including in water shade management and Green Legacy Initiative.

Under the discussion of water shade management focused on the crucial role of forests in water conservation and the program’s efforts to improve watershed management practices.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy presentation showcased the ambitious national afforestation and reforestation initiative aimed at restoring degraded lands and increasing forest cover.

Following the presentations, an engaging panel discussion took place, featuring experts from the United Nations Development Program, the Bio Economy Alliance, the Oromiya Environment and Climate Change Bureau, and Ethiopia’s Forestry Development.

The panelists discussed the program’s significant contributions to Ethiopia’s GDP and emphasized the importance of community involvement in participatory forest management strategies, according to Ministry of Planning and Development.

The event concluded with a clear message of success that the REDD+ program has made remarkable strides in Ethiopia’s forest development sector, contributing to environmental protection, economic growth, and community empowerment.

The program’s achievements serve as a powerful example for other countries seeking sustainable forest management solutions.


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