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Reform in tourism sector contributes to realizing inclusive nat’l growth

Addis Ababa, December 25, 2023 (FBC) – The reform measures being carried out with a view to properly utilize Ethiopia’s tourism potentials have been contributing to bring inclusive national growth in the country, Minister of Planning and Development Fitsum Assefa said.

The “Elephant Paw Lodge”, a cluster of Chebera Churchura National Park inaugurated last week by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

The lodge is part of the premier’s tourism destination projects being constructed in the country through the ‘Dine for Ethiopia” initiative.

Chebera Churchura Elephant Paw Lodge, a world-class national park, is part of the Koysha project located in South West Ethiopia Region.

The park harbors the endangered African elephant species, as well as buffalo, wild boar, deer, and antelope, among other animals, ENA reported. The Koysha Project plays a pivotal role in developing the region’s tourism environment.

The government of Ethiopia has been taking several moves to enable the tourism sector as a catalyst to play its proper role for Ethiopia’s inclusive economic growth.

Proper identification and development of the country’s tourism resources, reinforcing the infrastructure of tourism destinations and building more new infrastructures have become the focus of the government.

Particularly, the measures taken over the past few years in this regard has brought significant achievement as the sector has been prioritized as one of the five pillars in the Home Grown Economic Reform.

Minister of Planning and Development Fitsum Assefa said Ethiopia is a country, known for its rich in natural, historical, stunning landscapes and cultural tourism resources.

However, Fitsum elaborated that the country was not able to benefit from its abundant resources of the sector.

The tourism resource of most of the African countries, including neighboring countries is limited compared to Ethiopia, the minister said. However, she added that they are much better than Ethiopia in utilizing the limited available tourism resources.

According to Fitsum, in its economic reform agenda, the government has given the utmost priority for strengthening the tourism development considering its contribution to generate high income at the macro-economic level and potential in foreign currency revenues.

The minister also mentioned about the pivotal role the sector plays to expediting the overall economic growth and ensuring significantly to inclusive national development.

Tourism is also instrumental to ensure the benefits of communities as the sector expands infrastructure works around the destinations and creates job opportunities.

Chebera Churchura Elephant Paw Lodge, which is part of the ‘Dine for the Nation’ project, demonstrates the fact that the tourism development activity of the country is stimulating, Fitsum added.

This will help to attain the target of tourism development set by the government by encouraging the private sector engaged in the sector to broaden their horizons , she underlined.

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