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Regions, city administrations congratulate Ethiopians for taking full control of Mekelle

Addis Ababa, November 29, 2020 (FBC) – Ethiopia’s regional states and city administrations have congratulated all Ethiopians for the full seizure of the city of Mekelle by Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF).

All the regional states including the two city administrations have expressed their congratulatory messages to Ethiopians across the world over the successful law enforcement operation against the TPLF clique.

President of the Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State, Ashadly Hassen said TPLF has been played the lion share for most of the conflicts and massacres happened in Ethiopia for the past 27 years.

To execute its ambitions, the TPLF gang has been divided Ethiopians using ethnicity as means of difference for a cover up of its hidden agenda of controlling power dominantly and unilaterally, Ashadly noted.

Using the autocratic nature of the party, TPLF has been trying to applying its rich experience of fabrication for sabotaging the ongoing reforms of the country for the past two years, he stated.

The junta has been trying to isolate the people for Tigray from the rest of Ethiopians, he said, adding that the removal of the defiant TPLF clique is critical for the people of Tigary.

Chief of Sidama Regional State, Desta Ledamo said for his part that in addition to all the destructions having done since the beginning of the new reforms in Ethiopia, TPLF’s treasonous attack on the northern command forced the nation to go to the law enforcement operation.

Praising the swift measures taken by the national defense force, he said Ethiopians from across the nation have been played priceless role to realizing the ambition of the government in all forms of assists that the needed in the law enforcement operation.

In his congratulatory message to all Ethiopians in related to capturing of Mekelle by ENDF, Chief of Afar Regional State, Awol Arba said history will not forget the TPLF`s betrayal and horrifying massacre over northern command.

Citing how the tyranny TPLF has been robbed the country as whole and Afar regional state in particular with the ambition of dismantling the country, Awol said the federal government has been executed a successful operation so as to ensure sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Similarly, Chief of Amhara Regional State, Agegnew Teshager said the removal of the TPLF junta is a manifestation of the realization of the long-term struggle of the people of the region in particular and Ethiopians in general, according to ENA.

Congratulating all Ethiopians for the victory over the atrocious group, Agegnew said the law enforcement operation achieved by the collaborative efforts of the national defense forces, Amhara Special Forces and militia among others.

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