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Researcher stresses the need for ensuring integrated network, marketing system in hides, skins value chain

Addis Ababa, December 28, 2023 (FBC) – Ensuring well organized marketing system and establishing proper network among stakeholders in hides and skins value chain are instrumental in enhancing contribution to the country’s economy, according to a senior researcher at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR).

Presenting a paper titled Hides and Skins (HSs) Production and Market: Status, Challenges and Prospects in Ethiopia at a workshop organized by the agricultural research institute today, EIAR Senior Researcher Rehima Musema said Ethiopia has abundant livestock resources and unique features of hides and skins. However, there are outstanding challenges that need to be solved urgently.

Rehama told ENA that Pre-slaughter and peri-slaughter defects, post-slaughter flaws, shortage of chemical, limited support for the sector, inadequate network of stakeholders in hides and skins value chain, among others, were raised as challenges to the sector.

Also, lack of proper platform to integrate all pertinent stakeholders in hides and skins value chain starting from farmers and pastoralists to the market system has been a critical challenge in the sector.

The senior researcher further noted that solving quality problems, ensuring well organized marketing system and institutional support are very important to enhance the inclusive contribution of hides and skins to the country’s economy.

Moreover, Rehima stressed the need for revising the hides and skins and leather and leather products policies.

The senior researcher finally urged all stakeholders to contribute their respective responsibility to properly exploit the country’s abundant resources in the sector and increase its share in the economy.

Ethiopia has abundant livestock resources and is ranked first in Africa and fifth globally in terms of livestock population.

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