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ROK’s giant POSCO Int’l invited to seize investment opportunities in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, February 22, 2024 (FBC) – POSCO International Corporation, Republic of Korea’s largest trading company, has been invited to tap the enticing investment opportunities in Ethiopia.

The invitation to the Korean giant corporation was made during the meeting between Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Dessie Dalkie and Mr. Kim Dae Young, head of East-South Africa Regional Office at POSCO International Corporation.

During the discussion, Ambassador Dessie called on POSCO International to explore investment opportunities in Ethiopia, stating that the country offers favorable investment environments for large corporations. In that regard, he invited the Seoul-based Corporation to engage in a variety of sectors, such as agriculture, health, mining, and education.

Mr. Kim Dae Young, in his part, emphasized that his corporation plans to carry out the modernization and education project with support from the Korea Official Development Assistance (ODA).

Furthermore, the director pledges to extend the implementation project into other sectors like mining, agriculture, aerospace, health etc.

POSCO International Corporation, a subsidiary of POSCO, is engaged in various fields such as energy (gas, LNG, solar, wind, hydrogen), steel & metal, infrastructure, chemicals, mineral resources, food, and consumer goods as well as automotive technology, among others.

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