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Russia keen to work with Ethiopia in energy sector

Addis Ababa, April 11, 2023 (FBC) – Russia has expressed its desire to work with Ethiopia in the energy sector, according to Evgeny Terekhin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Ethiopia.

Minister of Water and Energy of Ethiopia Habtamu Itefa held discussion with Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin on ways to work together in the sector with Russia.

In their discussion, the Minister recalled that the Russian government and people enjoyed strong friendship with the Ethiopian government and people.

Habtamu further recalled Russia’s contribution in the field of development in the construction of Melka Wakena electricity generation project in Ethiopia.

He also explained the areas where Russian companies can engage in energy supply in Ethiopia.

Habtamu also stated that the potential of renewable energy in Ethiopia is high, noting that works are being undertaken to connect the East African region with energy.

For his part, Ambassador Evgeny Terekhin disclosed that RusHydro, Russia’s largest energy supplier, is interested in participating in Ethiopia’s energy development sector.

It is indicated that the officials from the Ministry of Water and Energy and its associates will consult with the officials of RusHydro over the energy sector.

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