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Simien Mountains Nat’l Park introduces GPS tracking system to protect endemic Red Fox

Addis Ababa, March 16, 2024 (FBC) – Simien Mountains National Park announced that it has introduced GPS tracking system to monitor and safeguard the endemic Red Fox population in the park, ENA reported citing the Park’s Program Coordinator.

The Red Fox Conservation Program Coordinator at the Park, Getachew Assefa stated that this tracker has been deployed in collaboration with the Ethiopian Wildlife Protection Authority and international partner organizations.

The system introduced is the Collar GPS tracker wherein GPS-enabled collars are attached to the necks of 8 red foxes with forty family members.

The tracker enables to trace movements of the foxes as they search for food and navigate through potential threats, he said.

By utilizing the system, we can track the distances covered by the foxes each day in their pursuit of sustenance as well as the dangers they encounter along the way, Getachew elaborated.

As a pilot project last year, GPS trackers were employed on two red foxes, leading to the acquisition of crucial information when these animals faced life-threatening situations, including death and severe injuries.

The Collar GPS tracker also facilitates the tracking and controlling of illegal poaching activities.

According to the program coordinator, the red foxes primarily inhabit mountainous regions above an elevation of three thousand meters.

Covering an expansive area of four hundred twelve square kilometers, Simien Mountains National Park is not only the largest national park in Ethiopia but also a UNESCO designated international heritage site.

It encompasses the highest portions of the Simien Mountains, including Ras Dashan, the highest peak in Ethiopia.

The park serves as a sanctuary for numerous endangered species, including the Ethiopian Wolf and the Walia Ibex, a unique wild goat found nowhere else in the world.

Additionally, the Simien Mountains National Park is home to the Gelada Baboon and the caracal, a remarkable feline species. Over 50 bird species, including the bearded vulture with its impressive 3-meter wingspan, inhabit the park.

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