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Some 17 military officers arrested for cutting-off communication system

Addis Ababa, November 11, 2020 (FBC) –Some 17 military officers have been arrested for creating fertile ground for TPLF Junta to carry out attack on the national defence forces.

They committed treason by creating favourable condition for TPLF after cutting-off communication systems between the north command and the central one, said Federal Police Commission.

Leaving aside the responsibility entrusted to them by the Government, the Ethiopian people and the defence army, they joined the TPLF conspiracy by exposing the defence force for attack, it said.

The suspects, including Maj Gen Gebremedihn Fekadu, nicknamed ‘Wedi Necho’ were arrested following the joint operation carried out by the defence army and the federal police forces.

The first suspect, Maj Gen Gebremedihn was caught red-handed while trying to send 11 boxes packed with explosives (bombs) and missile components to the TPLF Junta under the pretext of communication materials.

Maj Gen Gebremedihn has been head of communication department at the national defence force since the onset of the reform initiative. Prior to that, he was a commander of Agazi commando and special force within the defence forces.

It is to be recalled that the TPLF group carried out attack on the national defence army located in Tigray regional state last week.

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