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Spanish Ambassador underscores imperative of further collaboration with Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, March 24, 2024 (FBC) – Spain’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Guillermo Antonio Lopez Mac-Lelan highlighted strong existing cooperation between the two countries and emphasized further collaboration in various fields.

Recall the newly appointed Spanish Ambassador to Ethiopia presented his credentials to President Sahlework Zewde on 14th March 2024.

During the occasion, the ambassador conveyed a message of friendship from the Spanish government and His Majesty, King Philippe VI to President Sahlework.

It was stated that the massage underscores the positive spirit of the bilateral relationship between Ethiopia and Spain.

Approached by ENA, the newly appointed ambassador noted that Spain and Ethiopia have been enjoying a very good relationship and his country is actively supporting Ethiopia’s development endeavors.

More importantly, Ambassador Mac-Lelan expressed the commitment of Spain to further consolidate its cooperation with Ethiopia in the spheres of women empowerment, environmental protection and healthcare.

“We are working together on women’s empowerment in various regions. We are also seeking collaboration in the field of specialized healthcare in different hospitals around Ethiopia, and finally in our common fight against climate change,” he elaborated.

Moreover, the ambassador sees tremendous potential between Ethiopia and Spain for expanded cooperation in the global arena.

“I think we have many things to work on, especially at the United Nations (UN) level that would be instrumental to improving the system of international governance,” he said, adding, “And also as a member of the European Union, we can play our role for having a more integrated approach in our relationships.”

The ambassador recalled that the long-standing relationship between the two countries goes back decades, noting Spain’s presence in Ethiopia since the early 1960s.













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