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Stakeholders asked to support rehabilitation of ex-combatants

Addis Ababa, December 6, 2023 (FBC) – The National Rehabilitation Commission of Ethiopia (NRC) called on the stakeholders to provide the necessary assistance in order to make the process of rehabilitating ex-combatants effective.

Chief Commissioner of the National Rehabilitation Commission, Teshome Toga, said that rehabilitating ex-combatants requires multifaceted activities.

In that regard, the commission has undertaken various activities such as developing its capacity in terms of resources, identifying ex-combatants to be rehabilitated and holding consultations to communicate with the regional states about the process, the Chief Commissioner underscored.

There are more than 371,000 ex-combatants in the country, Teshome revealed, adding that re-assessment of their situation will be undertaken before rehabilitating them.

He added that the task of rehabilitating and reintegrating ex-combatants requires a lot of resources.

Teshome mentioned that the federal government has been investing heavily on the national rehabilitation process since its inception. For this reason, he called on the stakeholders to provide the necessary assistance to the process.

The Commissioner indicated that reintegrating and rehabilitating ex-combatants into the community plays a pivotal role in ensuring prosperity and establishing durable peace in the country.

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