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Terrorist TPLF launches fresh attack on civilians in Kilbeti Resu zone, Afar Region

Addis Ababa, January 24, 2022 (FBC) – The terrorist TPLF has launched fresh attack on innocent civilians in Kilbeti Resu Zone, Afar Regional Government announced in a statement.

Regional Government said that the terrorist TPLF has encroached the region and is continuing attacks in Ab’ala and Magale woredas in Kilbeti zone of the region terrorizing civilians.

“The terrorist group, which has never been out of conspiracy, has been working day and night to make a profit by pitting the two peoples (The Afar and Tigrians) against each other. In its ongoing attacks, it is targeting Afar innocents and expanding its terrorist activities,” the statement says.

TPLF has encroached territory of the Afar region through various parts of the region, and launching heavy artilleries in Ab’ala, Magale and Berahle woredas injuring scores of innocent people.

The TPLF is firing artilleries against innocent civilians in the region in retaliation for its defeat due to counterattacks conducted by joint security forces, the Statement said.

A number of innocent civilians have been injured due to the fresh attack the terrorist group has opened in the region, statement indicated.

TPLF had committed brutal massacres in twenty one Woredas of four zones in Afar before it was pushed back by the national army and regional special force and militia, according to the statement.

The Afar Regional government called on the TPLF terrorist group to withdraw its forces immediately from the region, vowing reprisal if the criminal group defies the call.

“However, the junta, which has been prolonging its life through fraud and false propaganda, has infiltrated various woredas in the Afar region and is still hurting innocent people by pretending to have been attacked. Today, The Terrorist TPLF captured Magale and Abala, and also waged a war in Aseda area of ​​Berahle district,”

The people of Tigray must stop the madness of this terrorist TPLF. Mothers of Tigray should not sacrifice their children for the benefit of a few members of the group deceived by lies,” statement underlined.

The regional government further called on the international community to put pressure on the terrorist TPLF to end its war on the Afar people.



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